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I am a Holistic Therapist who has been working within the beauty industry for over 15 years as a Facialist and Bodyworker with numerous natural skincare brands. Having grown up with a natural and alternative approach to looking after my health and well-being, it was a natural transition to integrate the same approach into my therapies. A desire to work with a more holistic approach led me to study with Brighton University completing my FdSc in Complementary Health and BSc (Hons) in Integrative Healthcare Management, allowing me to offer a holistic experience, with a combination of science-backed evidence and nature. I am fully insured and a member of the FHT.


Reiki Healer

As a child I was enchanted by wildlife and nature, this led me to experience many amazing things that opened my eyes to the beauty of our spiritual world.  Having a strong intuition as a child I would often feel guided to place my hands on people and animals in areas of discomfort, connecting with spirit was normal and also of great comfort  to me. It was during a challenging period in my adult life I really started to focus inward, this reignited my spiritual curiosity and filled a deep void within me. I've been blessed with this passion to follow and I look forward to meeting and sharing this beautiful healing energy with you soon.

Love Rebecca xx


Energy Healing using Shamanic,Sound and Reiki

My name is Belinda and I live on the South Coast of England, in Eastbourne.I’ve always had a curiosity and interest in the spiritual, the esoteric, and the metaphysical.

As a child, I often felt bewildered and beguiled by synchronicities that invariably emerged. Consequently I pursued various modalities in religion which never quite felt right. Eventually I heard the pull of yoga and reiki followed soon after.Accordingly, I went on to first train in reiki, studying both the better-known
Usui Reiki, as well as the more traditional Jikkiden Reiki, the latter being Reiki without modern influence or modification the way it was traditionally taught.

Eventually, I heard the call to Shamanism and studied with The Inca Shamans of S. America and with Alberto Villodo at
The Four Winds, and Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust. I have also been initiated into Plant Medicine by Kirsty Inglis.

I work with people with all sorts of difficulties – such as anxiety, insomnia, abuse survivors, those with depression and mental health issues, eating disorders, fears and phobias and all manner of physical, mental and emotional traumas. I work by supporting the release of non-supportive energies and bringing in nourishing energies. The end goal is to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as to open us to the innate magic and potential in the infinity – which we all have.



Linda has been a holistic therapist for over 30 years and specialises in Kinesiology and Quantum Healing Master Key which she combines with other conventional holistic therapies to provide fusion therapy sessions personalised for your individual needs
Linda offers the option of a range of therapies including:

   Kinesiology    Quantum Healing Master Key    Deep Tissue Massage    Aromatherapy Massage    Pregnancy Massage    Hot Stones Massage    Reflexology    Indian Head Massage    Ayurvedic Organic Facials    Hopi Ear Therapy    Aqua Detox    Thai Foot Massage    Reiki

Linda started her career practising healing and conventional physical therapies, Reflexology and Massage and then Linda discovered Kinesiology and studied at the Gaia Centre for Health and Healing and received a diploma in Systematic Kinesiology in 2010.  

Kinesiology is a diagnostic technique using muscle testing and Linda has applied this to improve client well-being. Through biofeedback from muscle testing the bodies imbalanced can be detected and this is a credible method of interpreting those systems and enables Linda to understand your energy state and find information to rebalance you. It's a truly holistic balance addressing mental, emotional, physical, structural, chemical food sensitivities and nutritional imbalances.

Linda has worked successfully with this therapy to address many conditions of the mind and body Some of these are back problems, stomach conditions, headaches, PMT, menopause, fertility, low energy, stress, anxiety, depression and many more.


Homeopath and Pain Relief Therapist

I started my training as a Homeopath at Southdowns School of Homeopathy, Chichester, West Sussex in 2014, qualifying after completing a 4-year course, obtaining a licentiate certificate. Alongside and to compliment Homeopathy, I am a Pain Relief Therapist using Scenar Therapy, I obtained my Scenar Excel profession level 4 Diploma, accredited by the Scenar Excel professional training programme in West Sussex.

I have a great interest in and am passionate about all forms of natural health and holistic healing medicines. I have always felt this need to help others and firmly believe that the body can heal itself, with everything we need for optimum health, already growing here on this amazing planet that we have the privilege of inhabiting.  My two children and myself are treated with Homeopathy, and since adopting a natural and holistic approach to our health and well-being, I can honestly say we have all been in good health. I became a Pain Relief Therapist using Scenar Therapy, after being treated with this pain relief therapy myself, with very quick results from a painful case of Sciatica. I was amazed how quick and effective the treatment is and how it works in the same way as Homeopathy, working with the body's natural ability to heal itself, just with a more hands on approach, it can re-establish and reactivate the body's natural self-balancing capabilities, helping it to restore itself back to balance and health.



An Eastbourne based yoga teacher, providing classes for adults and children in Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

My Yoga journey started about 6 years ago having spent my late teens & early 20s struggling with having a super bendy body which I now know to be hyper-mobility; a diagnosis that affects certain tissues in the body, mental health and gut health.Yoga classes; the movement, breath work, meditation and lifestyle have been key players in supporting my health to a place where I can enjoy and engage with the world around me in ways I never thought possible.

Embodying these practices make working in this industry something that feeds my soul, watching people grow and nourishing themselves is the ultimate job in my eyes. Having worked in mental health for many years, I use everything I have learnt to support clients to their end goal.


Injury Therapist, Strength & Conditioning coach

I have worked with a varied client base over the years, including a range of sportsmen & women. But I don't just specialise in sporting injuries, I have helped many others with a variety of non-sporting injuries and mobility issues too.

I am also using my fitness and sporting experience to train others and getting great results with Strength & Conditioning training programmes. My journey into injury rehabilitation began in 2010 when I began my training. After qualifying, I worked with the Defence Academy UK rugby team for a couple of seasons, and worked with local sports teams. I then went on create Body Zone, built a private client base and continued my training & development.

In 2014 I re-located Body Zone to sunny Eastbourne where I had grown up and now have a lovely clinic in the town centre, where I am very happy to be. I believe that movement is key to recovering from injury so I will use a mixture of all my knowledge and skills to rehabilitate injury and get you moving more effectively. I have been involved in serious sport myself, over the years, coaching and competing for The Army, and representing England. I am still keen on my own personal fitness and regularly train. So I know first hand how injuries impact on performance - physically and mentally, how important it is to treat them properly and to protect the body against them where possible by making ourselves strong with the correct training.

Although my background is heavily in sport, I do have a keen interest in helping clients from all walks of life, I like to keep it varied. So whatever your issue is, whether you are a sports person or you've never seen the inside of a gym before in your life - I will come up with a treatment or fitness programme tailored to you... look forward to meeting you.


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